Salmos 19:1

~los cielos cuentan la gloria de Dios, el firmamento proclama la obra de su mano.

~ 天は神の栄光を語り告げ、おおぞらは御手のわざを告げ知らせる。

Thursday, 31 January 2013


Everytime I listed to this song, it just gives me this peace... God is good and so thankful for giving us ability to sing and praise Him!!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Nordic Mittens lost

So I made these no long ago, but I lost them already >< Well whoever found them, I know they will have warm hands :) You can get the pattern here: Nordic Mittens.

It was very easy to follow, and I really like the thumb part. I learned something new! I used bulky yarn too, but I think next time, I might use a less weight yarn since it came out a bit big. But they were so warm!

Saturday, 12 January 2013

"God's patience is infinite. Men, like small kettles, boil quickly with wrath at the least wrong. Not so God. If God were as wrathful, the world would have been a heap of ruins long ago." - Sadhu Sundar Singh

Beautiful story about adoption

I just watched this story about adoption. So beautiful. I want to be so giving like those parents. I was thinking about this yesterday as I was riding on the streetcar, there were two 7-8 years-old children who were deaf and were speaking to each other so seriously about something in sign language. They were just so adorable that I watched them for a long time and one of the boy saw me, and salute me with a hand gesture. They just melted my heart...

Sewing Class!

These are pictures from the sewing class I took last year. It went by fast, but I learn a lot, and it was fun!! I hope we'll be able to get a machine soon, so I can continue to practice. And I found a deal at Groupon so the class was very affordable. 

The pillow and little pouch I made.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Christmas Baking!! Reindeer Cookies & Oreo Cheesecake balls!!

This past Christmas I baked more things than I've ever done!! And it was fun and so delicious!!!

So here are some of the things I made:

Peanut Butter Reindeer Cookies
Oreo Cheesecake balls
Peanut Butter Squares (it was a printed recipe and don't have it with me)
Ginger cookies

But new favorite ones are the reindeer cookies and the oreo cheesecake balls!

picture from website